Film Credits

Pot-shot in the Dark Productions
c/o Scott Baltjes

(comic strip)

Dead Planet

Mad Magic

(animated short in production)

Godfather Death
(animated short in production)

Mainframe Entertainment Inc.
Vancouver, BC

Enzo the Smart (animator)
Wizards, Warriors and a Word from our Sponsor (animator)
The Great Brain Robbery (animator)
Talent Night (animator)
Identity Crisis Part 1 & 2 (walk/run cycles)
Painted Windows (modeler/animator)
Bad Bob (modeler/animator)
Nullzilla (animator)
Gigabyte (animator)
Web World Wars (animator)
To Mend and Defend (modeler)
Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place (modeler)
Fire Wall (modeler)
Icons (modeler/animator)
The Episode with No Name (modeler)
The Edge of Beyond (animator)

Beast Wars/Beasties
Beast Wars Part 1 & 2 (modeler/animator and transformations)
Equal Measures (animator)
Fallen Comrades (transformations)
Double Jeopardy (transformations)
Changing of the Guard (animator)
Feral Scream Part 1 (modeler/animator and transformations)
Crossing the Rubicon (animator)
Master Blaster (animator)
Nemesis (animator)

War Planets/Shadow Raiders
Born in Fire (walk/run cycles)
Bad to the Bone (walk/run cycles)
Embers of the Past (animator)

Beast Machines
The Refomating (transformations)
Master of the House (animator)
Revelations Part 1 (animator)
The Catalyst (animator)
In Darkest Knight (animator)
Sparkwar Part 1 (the Strike) (animator)
Sparkwar Part 3 (the Siege) (animator)

Action Man
Building the Perfect Beast (animator)
Grey Areas (modeler/animator)
Storm Front (animator)
Out of the Shadows (modeler/animator)
The Swarm Part 1 (animator)

Heavy Gear
The Face Off (animator)
The Tunnels (modeler/animator)
Down Under Orem (modeler/animator)
Close Encounters of the Gear Kind (animator)
The Big Roundup (animator)
The Rise and Fall of the Heavy Gear Empire (animator)
Tournament Extreme (modeler/animator)
Gearaisic Park (animator)
Gears of Fire (animator)

Max Steel
Rough Seas (modeler/animator)
Prey (modeler/animator)
Turbulence (modeler/animator)

Scary Godmother
Halloween Spooktacular (designer and storyboard artist)

The Party (animator)
Keeping Secrets (modeler/animator)
Tight Squeeze (modeler/animator)
When Sparks Fly (animator)
Mind Games Part 1 (animator)

Stuart Little 3

Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers
(animator DVD extras)

Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

Big Bang FX Animation
Montreal, QC

Scaler (video game for UBsoft)

Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag (for Imax)
(fx animator)

DHX Studio (formerly Halifax Film then DHX Media)
Halifax, NS

Bo on the Go
Bo’s Blue Bird (animator)
Bo and the Whirlywart (animator)
Bo and the Stinky Snork (animator)
Bo and the Neat Freak (animator)
Bo and the Nothing-Fits-Him (animator)
Bo and the Dragon Queen (animator)
Bo and the Hug-a-Bug (animator)
Bo and the Twinkle-Toed-Twirler (animator)
Bo and the Silly Stomper (animator)
Bo and the String Snatcher (animator)
Bo and the Switcheroo (animator)
Bo and the Litterbug (animator)
Bo and the Blowhard (animator)
Bo and the Scribbler (animator)
Bo and the Red Rosy (animator)
Bo and the Knotty Noodler (animator)
Bo and the Glimmer Critter (animator)
Bo and the Melody Maestro (animator)
Bo and the Ding-a-ling (animator)
Bo and the Eager Beaver (animator)
Bo and the Polka Dot Snatcher (animator)
Bo and the Loony Groomy (animator)
Bo and the Balance Beasty (animator)
Bo and the Toy Buster (animator)
Bo and the Worrywart (animator)

Animal Mechanicals
Whale Plane Island (animator)
Jigsaw Shark Puzzle (animator)
Pinball Whizzers (animator)
Mechana Bat Island (animator)
Mechana Parrot Island (animator)
Mechana Skee Ball Island (animator)
Mechana Kanga Bounce Ball Island (animator)
Mechana Tortoise Island (animator)
Beardozer Island (animator)
Mechana Mole Miners Island (animator)
Mechana Paint Parrots Island (animator)
Mechana Balloonosaurus Island (animator)
Mechana Coconut Island (animator)
Cable Carp Island (animator)

Pirates: Adventures in Art
Landscape Escape  (animator)
Tricky Tower  (animator)
The Adventure of the Dragon Boat (animator)
The Great Golden Gecko (animator)
A Yucky Uck Adventure (animator)
Marooned (animator)
All in Good Lime (animator)
Cleopatra’s Crown (animator)
Shutterbug (animator)
Queen Conformia’s Mine (animator)
The Phantom of Crazy Castle (animator)
Farm Folk Frenzy (animator)
Fresco’s Fresco (animator)
The Wild Brushman (animator)
Pop Go the Pirates (animator)
A Lotta Terracotta (animator)

The Doozers
Green Thumbs (animator)
Doozer Amusers (animator)
Butterfly Away (animator)
Enter the Ditzies (animator)
Light Where it’s Dark (animator)
Short Order Doozers (animator)
Starry Night (animator)
Dirty Driving Doozers (animator)
Gift-spiration (animator)
Crash Test Doozers (animator)
Cocoon Season (animator)
Oh Beehive! (animator)
Doosquatch (animator)

Inspector Gadget (Season 1)
Game Over Man (animator)
A Better Class of Mad (animator)
One Bad Apple (animator)
The Dog Show Days are Over (animator)
Ticked Off (animator)
Appy Days (animator)
Ice Ice Yeti (animator)
A Penny Saved (animator)
Forever Mad (animator)
Beyond Gadgetdome (animator)

Bianca’s Clubhouse (animator)
Passion Project (animator)
Bianca’s Big Idea (animator)
Frank’s New Pet (animator)
Bianca’s Big Adventure (animator)
Bianca and Oliver (animator)
Bianca’s Business (animator)
What’s Your Thing? (animator)
The Lemonade Stand (animator)
Grammie’s Trunk (animator)
Bianca’s Big Clean Up Mistake (animator)
A Wish World Christmas Part I (animator)
A Wish World Christmas Part II (animator)

Super Why (Season 3)
Where’s Woofster? (animator)
Super Puppy Saves the Day (animator)
Landon’s Circus Adventure (animator)

Little People (Season 1)
Imagination Cures the Blues (animator)
Think Like a Pig (animator)
If I Ruled Jungleland (animator)
Carnival Caper (animator)
Tiara Trouble (animator)
Bully Goat Gruff (animator)
A Ball For All (animator)
Tree Frogs Bullfrogs (animator)

Space Ranger Roger
Roger’s Mouse Bot Mayhem (animator)
Roger’s Tuba Trouble (animator)
Roger Goes Hog Wild (animator)
Roger Saves The Shark (animator)

Bob the Builder (Season 3)
A-mazing Maze (animator)
Bob’s First Build (animator)
Speedway Scoop (animator)
Dog Disaster (animator)
Jet Powered Scoop (animator)
Canal Chaos (animator)
Tunnel Trouble (animator)
Ace’s Dynamite Movie (animator)
What’s Opera, Muck? (animator)

Rev & Rumble
The Green Phantom (animator)
Over Easy Does It (animator)
Monster Truck (animator)
A Very Avery Day (animator)
The Mystery of the Missing Trees (animator)
Bad Luck Truck (animator)
Rev it to the Max (animator)
Puppy Love (animator)
Bumper Ball (animator)
Tuff McTruck Trail (animator)
Like Father Like Son (animator)
Colossal Fossil (animator)
Lights, Camera, Action! (animator)
The Gear Up Grand Prix (animator)
The Coolest Girl I Know (animator)
The Gear Up Garage Band (animator)
Lama Drama (animator)
Stuck on You (animator)
The Rev & Rumble Fan Club (animator)

Independent Productions

On the Right Track
(background & cel painter – Sheridan College/CN Rail)

Sno’ Matter
(writer, designer, animator)