Scott Baltjes

A man dedicated to converting mind into animation.

Phone: 902-877-5796

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University of Guelph
- Resource Management (BSc. of Agriculture) 1983-85
including Biophysics, Geomorphology, Ecology

Niagara College
- Visual Art and Design 1987-89
including Life Drawing, Print Layout, Oil Painting, Silkscreen Printing

Sheridan College
- Art Fundamentals 1989-90
including Life Drawing, Photography and Print Making
- Classical Animation 1990-93
including Life Drawing and Watercolour Painting
- Computer Animation 1993-94

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts
- MAYA intensive 2006


Mainframe Entertainment Inc. 1995-2003 (SoftImage 3D), 2004-5 (SoftImage XSI)

“ReBoot”,“Beast Wars”,“War Planets/Shadow Raiders”,“Beast Machines”,“Action Man”, “Heavy Gear”,“Max Steel”,“Spider-Man” Credited at times as Animator, Modeller, or Senior Animator. Responsible for assigned sequences’ layout, some minor modeling, animation (keyframe & mocap), special effects, lighting and rendering. Created walk/run cycles and transformations used on some series. Trained and oversaw junior animators.

“Scary Godmother” Credited as Storyboard Artist though responsible for set and prop designs as well as script modifications.

“Stuart Little 3”,“Barbie: the Magic of Pegasus” Credited as Animator though acting as Senior Animator. Responsible for assigned sequences’ layout, some minor modeling and animation (keyframe & mocap) as well as trained and oversaw junior animators and a inexperienced senior animator.

Big Bang FX Animation 2004 (SoftImage XSI)

“Scaler” (video game) – Credited as Character Animator. Responsible for assigned sequences’ layout and animation.
“Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag” (Imax film) – Credited as Animator. Responsible for creation and animation of onscreen computer displays.

Halifax Film Inc. 2006-11 (Maya)

“Bo on the Go”,“Animal Mechanicals”,“Pirates: Adventures in Art” Credited as Animator. Responsible for assigned sequences’ layout, and animation of characters and props (keyframe with some mocap in early episodes of “Bo on the Go”). Trained and oversaw junior animators.

DHX Studios- Halifax. 2012-19 (Maya)

“The Doozers”,”Inspector Gadget”,”Wishenpoof!”,”Super Why”,”Little People”,”Space Ranger Roger”,”Bob the Builder”,”Rev & Roll” Credited as Animator. Responsible for assigned sequences’ layout, and keyframe animation of characters and props. Trained and oversaw junior animators.

Others Productions:

“On the Right Track” (1992-93) – background artist and cel painter for Sheridan College/CN Railway.
“Post_Historic” – my own short film involving both classical and computer animation. All story concepts, designs, backgrounds and animations are solely my own creation. Used at Mainframe to test SoftImage Toonz for 4 month period. Continuing project.
“Sno’ Matter” (2007) – an computer animated short co-written and co-animated by me.
“Bella goes Camping” (2019-20) – a children’s book co-written and illustrated by me.

Software used:
Maya 2018, Photoshop CS5, QuickTime Pro 7, SoftImage XSI 5.0, SoftImage Toonz 4.5, Particle 4.0, Flash MX, learning Krita 4.2

Standard First Aid – Level C [exp 06/2020] and WHMIS [exp 04/2020]

Bushcraft, hiking, canoeing, camping, photography, painting (oils, acrylics & watercolours), drawing, researching and writing about historical events, and collecting folktales for use in some of my science fiction stories. Watches foreign films, documentaries and lots of animation including anime. Active member of Halifax Ground Search & Rescue.

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- Willing to relocate -