Haunted Niagara

Niagara is said to be the most haunted region of Canada and for over 25 years now I have been collecting these stories and others. During a period of unemployment I decided to dig out my notes on the history and tales of some of the popular tourist sites to some of the hidden locations of the area’s ghost stories. Within this book you’ll find an assortment of phantoms from Black Dogs to Will ‘o’ Wisps, stories to put a smile on your face or a chill up your spine.

Legendary Niagara

You never know what you might find in the Niagara Region; you could dig a pond and find Mammoth skeleton, go nut gathering and find the remains of some long forgotten W.W.I soldier, or fall down a hill drunk and wake up in a cave of Native treasures. Myself, I once sat on a rock and discovered a long forgotten cemetery and a mystery. Tales of buried treasure and other mysteries abound in Niagara, in this planned 2nd book are also stories of witches, shipwrecks and my personal favourite, sea serpents.

Hidden Niagara

The story behind some of Niagara’s hidden gems…





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