Legendary Niagara

You never know what you might find in the Niagara Region; you could dig a pond and find Mammoth skeleton, go nut gathering and find the remains of some long forgotten W.W.I soldier, or fall down a hill drunk and wake up in a cave of Native treasures. Myself, I once sat on a rock and discovered a long forgotten cemetery and a mystery. Tales of buried treasure and other mysteries abound in Niagara, in this planned 2nd book are also stories of witches, shipwrecks and my personal favourite, sea serpents.


Nancy High’s Two Graves Jordan Historical Museum and the gravestones of Nancy High. After I found the first gravestone the museum staff later unearthed several others. But why does Nancy High have two?




The Split Rock according to Native legend was split by a lightning bolt hurled by the Creator acting on the prayers of a Neutral maiden to free her Seneca lover who was chained to the rock.






Lowbanks Cemetery along the shore of Lake Erie not only contains the earthly remains of past local residents but also reputedly buried here is a mysterious treasure.



The Comfort Maple, Canada’s largest Sugar Maple tree, has stood for more than 500 years in a small park just outside the village of North Pelham.