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About Scott

Scott Baltjes is a rural country guy who lives in the wilds of the Prospect Communities, a place of with a history of pirates, shipwrecks, and ghosts, halfway between Halifax and Peggys Cove NS.  He is married to his wife Anne and they have a German Shepherd by the name of Bella Boo Razortoes.


Originally from the Niagara Region ON, he grew up on his parents cattle farm where he started drawing comics at a young age.  Later he attended Niagara College for Art & Design then Sheridan College for Classical Animation then Computer Animation.

As a CG animator, he has worked various series, movies and video games in his 30 year career.  A brief list of his credits would include ReBoot, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, SpiderMan the Animated Series, Stuart Little 3, Animal Mechanicals, Inspector Gadget, Bob the Builder, Rev & Roll and Barbie A Touch of Magic.

In his off hours, he hikes, photographs, collects stories of history and folklore, volunteers for Halifax Search & Rescue, and draws comics like Scott's Scribbles based on his life and other nonsense.  He recently published a book through FriesenPress titled "Scott's Scribbles: The Wife, the Dog and Animation" containing 250 of his comics - many not posted to social media. 

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